Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods do you support?

We currently support PayPal, payment cards and various cryptocurrencies.

I don't like any of your offers. Can I get a custom one?

Sure, send us a support ticket and we will work something out.

Where are your servers located?

We currently only have servers in France.

Is SkylonHost GDPR compliant?

SkylonHost is fully GDPR compliant. Open a ticket to receive a Data Protection Agreement.

What is the CPU policy on Semi-Dedicated servers?

On all our Semi-Dedicated plans, we guarantee you are able to use all of your allocated CPU power all the time. On our 2GB plan, it's possible to burst up to a full single core if the node has free resources.

What are the hardware specifications of your nodes?

Our exact node configuration depends on the location and the type of hosting we use it for.
Semi-Dedicated SSD Server nodes
• Intel Xeon E3-12xx
• 32GB of RAM
• 2 SSDs in RAID 1

Supported operating systems?

We support the following operating systems on our Semi-Dedicated VPS platform:
• openSuSE 13.1
• Ubuntu 16.04
• Debian 8.7
• Debian 9.4
• CentOS 6.9
• CentOS 7.4

How long till I get my server?

Once your payment goes through, we will work towards provisioning of your server. Most servers are provisioned within few minutes, but some circumstances can prolong this duration for up to 3 days.