Affiliate program

Do you want a completely free hosting? Join our affiliate program!

The way it works is we give you a link. For every person who signs up to our services using this link we will grant you a 10% recurring commission.
In other words, if someone buys a 40€ / month server from us with your link, we will pay you 4€ each month (until the service is cancelled) in service credits.

Become an affiliate

Affiliate Program Policy

Is there a minimum I can withdraw?

The minimum is 5€

Can I get paid in cash or any other payment method?

No, we can only grant you service credits, non-transferable to money.

Which services are eligible?

Every service worth more than 2€ / month or 20€ / year will get you a commission.

Are there any rules?

You may not abuse the affiliate system in any way. In case we find out about potential abuse, we may withhold the commission.

In order for the referral to be valid the service has to be active for at least 30 days. Only then you will get the commision.